AZ Solutions offers you the right copier product for the right amount of usage with room for growth or unforeseen circumstances, we pride ourselves of having a fast service turnaround time to minimize any operational downtime in order to maximise operational efficiency for your Business.

With cost effective solutions and various options and trusted brands to choose from – AZ Solutions has the perfect copier solution for you via monthly rental or outright purchases, AZ solutions offers you state of the art copier software that will reduce your printing costs and influence a cost efficient print behaviour.


Print fleet management with an average cost saving of up to 30%.


Automatically calculates disbursement billing to simplify your work space.

Education environments

Print billing catered for big & small educational sectors

PaperCut MF Benefits

Cost Control

Manage copiers

Report usage

Access devices

Responsible usage

Secure documents

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AZ Solutions has partnered with world leading Multi-functional printer brands, therefore offering the best quality in product and service. We can offer a solution custom to your need as each company or organisation have their unique needs. Let us help you make the right decision. AZ Solutions offers Rent to own or outright purchase with SLA keeping your machine healthy and operational to get the maximum life span out of your investment.

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Possible Add-ons:

  • Fax Machine
  • Scanning:
    Innovative scanning allows to you distribute your documents immediately. Scan to email, scan to desktop, scan to copy – the choice is yours.
  • Document Feeding:
    Automatic document feeding, or ADF, means that you don’t have to lift anything or do much work at all. Your MFP takes care of that for you.
  • Stapling:
    This is pretty self-describing, it allows you to staple your pages together. The basic stapling positions are in the corner, down the spine or top and bottom of your document, depending on the type of finisher you can typically staple up to 50 sheets, which if you double side (duplex) your document is 100 pages.
  • Punching:
    Punching allows you to hole punch in a configuration of 2 or 4 holes and again can performed on both the long and short edge of your document.
  • Booklet:
    Booklet finishing allows two finishing options, the first is folding. The finisher will fold A3 paper into an A4 booklet, or A4 paper into an A5 booklet this is known as Bi-Folding. The finisher can also booklet staple which is also known as saddle stapling or saddle stitch.
  • Folding:
    Folding comes in three features, as mentioned in the Booklet Finishing you can Bi-Fold, but you can also perform a Z-Fold and Tri-Fold. I have included a picture to show you the Z-Fold and Tri-Fold.
  • Papercut:
    Papercut – Save on printing costs and print management.
  • Touchscreen:
    Powerful touchscreen interactions mean that you can clearly see what you’re telling your MFP to do and what’s going on at all times.
  • Cloud Printing:
    Cloud Printing allows for printing from any device and any location, which means that you never have to be limited by one machine.
  • Password:
    Secure Print allows for password protection.
  • Advanced Security:
    Advanced security measures like encryption and permissions control are built into your device–both for online safety and to make sure that the wrong document doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.