About Us

AZ Solutions endeavours to provide each of our customers with an “IT Management” service so that everyone has access to skilled and informed decisions relating to the infrastructure and services offered. We save you money by implementing the right technology solutions the first time and future proofing your system, swiftly and effectively! This includes getting us involved in the technology solutions that we aren’t providing. Yes, we consult for many other solutions, but someone can help piece it all together for you. We are that someone!

We are in the business of building relationships.

We can fix your computer and while doing that we can do it professionally and legitimately. However, we work with the intention of a long term relationship, this includes knowing all your computers, staff, Copiers, Network, Servers and so much more to provide a complete solution.

Our main IT Services:

  • Desktop Support, Remote and Onsite
  • Server installations and Maintenance
  • Hosting
  • Office 365 Exchange and Exchange On-premises
  • Active Directory with advanced group policies
  • Firewalls and Qos L7 and L8
  • Anti-Virus
  • Networking, Wired and Wireless. (Fiber, Cat6, Cat5 and enterprise Wi-Fi)
  • Backup systems, Original – Onsite – Offsite through NAS and Cloud
  • Mimecast
  • Copiers
  • Asset Management
  • Service level agreements on our services
  • Hardware Sales. Professional advice and we offer rental agreements
  • PBX/PABX, Phone Systems –Desktop Phones, Dect systems and Wireless IP phones
  • Custom build computers, Servers, Thin clients and hosted services
  • Internet – Fiber and/or Microwave Links (Business only)